Sunday, November 05, 2006

A light at the end of the tunnel

Thank the gods, I've finally snagged myself a new job. Well to be fair its my old employer, but damn its great to know I'll have something to do during the next few months. If ever there was a way to instantly make me feel better, this is it.

Well sorry for the major delays in this blog, but sometimes I just simply have little to say. As fun as it would be to bitch about every detail I wouldn't want to bore whoever it is that actually reads this. (By the way, I thank anyone and everyone who actually does!)

On the game front I've been playing through the missed classics like System Shock and Fallout. I've missed some major classics apparently, and I'm making up for it. I've also continued my DS trend with games like Star Fox Command, Touch Detective and Trauma Centre. They are all great games and I recommend any DS owners pick them up despite the very mixed reviews they've been receiving.

Well I certainly can't wait to begin this new job. The start date and salary have yet to be confirmed, but an estimate of November 20th and $10-12 CAD was given. I'd say thats pretty good. The work itself is going to be level 1 technical support and various other duties I'm given as the months go by. If it's anything like before I'm going to be quite content with it.


Anonymous MAT said...

cool, congratulations for getting the job.

the payment sounds good enough.

5:10 PM  

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