Saturday, October 07, 2006

No fate but what we make for ourselves

I had some pretty note worthy news thrust my way. It seems the online distribution program known as Triton, which recently hosted Prey for download, is being taken down. Thats right, the service is basically dead. Remember that rant I had about online authentication? Well the bad side has finally reared its ugly head and all I can do is say "I told you so!".

3DRealms is frantically looking for a solution for the customers who have been screwed out of their copy of Prey now. I don't doubt they'll solve it since they are a good company, but this is a hard lesson learned for those who trust online authentication claiming there is no risk involved.

It's all nice and good for Prey customers, but what about the countless other games listed on Triton? Are those companies going to help their customers out or leave them to dry? Trition themselves don't seem to be doing anything as of yet, meaning its basically up to the individual developers to act. Nice Triton, nice.

So what of Steam and Valve? Do you feel safe now? As someone who bent his will to purchase HL2 Episode 1 and Sin Emergence this now shakes whatever remaining optimism I had in the service. Who is to say Steam won't suffer a similar fate? Are they prepared? Gabe Newell claims they have a patch ready, but no details have been laid out if such a case does occur. Surely they don't have some magical patch for EVERY steam game including Sin Emergence, Darwinia and Defcon? I sincerly doubt it. They can't prove it either unless they patch out one of their games.

This is going to be a big fucking mark on the face of online authentication forever. In every arguement or debate Triton's name will be heard.