Monday, September 04, 2006

Wikipedia is a godsend

Wikipedia is one the best websites on the internet currently. It has such a large collection of information and facts about nearly anything you can think of. If it's missing something, simply create an account and add it. Beautiful.

Recently I find when I'm bored with nothing to do I'll go search up random topics to read. I've never been big on reading through 300 page books, but wikipedia is great in this regard. I'll search up something like....a game I've completed recently. Shadow Warrior for instance. After that I'll click a link for Duke Nukem 3D, then the build engine, then Ken Silverman, then Apogee, etc. After all that I've realized an hour or so has past, very good stuff.

Not just computer age topics either. Occasionally I'll read what they have up on their main page. A few days ago the maoi of Easter Island were up. I read quite a few facts I would never have known, and it led to me to other random fact pages I found interesting. It's like reading through an encyclopedia only with very little effort.


Blogger Kristian said...

Yes, indeed I couldn't agree more. I REALLY like reading, about almost anything.

I recognize myself in what you say about reading one article and then clicking a link in there and reading that one, etc. I do that all the time.

It can lead to reading Wikipedia for several hours in a row. Wikipedia can be a really insightfull site.

The most common criticism of wikipedia is that anyone can edit and that you shouldn't trust it therefor.

But this is also Wikipedia's biggest strength.

This allows for various biases of the various editors to cancell each other out.

Also there is a certain policing because if someone posts somethink that is inaccurate or slanted in a certain way, Wikipedia allows its users to correct that.

Wikipedia needs to be used criticaly like any other source of information.

"It says so on Wikipedia" is NOT a logical fallacy(Neither is bias, btw).

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