Saturday, September 02, 2006

The post is blowin in the wind....

Yeah, guess I kind of let this blog slip. I knew it would happen, but I *promise* I'll try to update this time. I get bored often these days so I'm sure I'll have interesting things to say.

Firstly Jane Jensen, the creator of the Gabriel Knight series, is now working on a new project titled 'Gray Matter'. This is wonderful news especially if you are a big fan of her work. From the description it seems Jane isn't straying too far from her work with GK only with new characters and a new story.

With me personally I've been in a gaming slump. Can't seem to really get into anything, and my lack of funds prevents me from buying anything new. Not that theres much I'm looking for. So instead I've taken to small casual games such as these:

Lava Leaper - Free platformer, good for a coffee break.
Plasma Pong - Damn addictive. My score so far is 32.
Zombie City Tactics - Simple, yet very promising concept game. Give it a go, but look in the readme for instructions.

Tomorrow I'll have some impressions on games I've finished and am currently playing.


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