Friday, September 15, 2006

Never too late

I suppose by now you've heard about the Montreal shooting. From what I've gathered from this news article and several others, this guy was someone who thought he had nothing to live for and just wanted to end it all in the way that seemed best to him.

However he didn't just point the gun on himself, he had to try and take out many others at the same time. I can sympathize with the overwhelming depression and wanting to opt out, but to take others with you for no real reason is just sick.

I don't think suicide solves anything. Do we know what happens after death? Is there an afterlife or do we just cease to exist? Are you willing to take that chance? I don't personally fear death, but I have no desire to end it all any day soon. Had he stuck it out just a bit longer and got some positive suggestions from a psychiatrist or a loved one he might have realized how bad this decision was. Instead he's caused a large uproar in an apparent "Look at me, I hate life" sort of thing.

I don't get this whole group depression stuff. I too think life has many problems and that people on whole are quite ignorant and stupid. However I keep that to myself, and I move on. Why do these folks always feel the need to join websites and groups that all hate life? They claim to have no friends, and then chat with dozens of people. This is a real problem, because now they have buddies who agree life sucks and even go as far as suggesting ways to snuff it. Ever heard of the myspace suicides? It's getting a little out of hand here.

So really - if your life sucks then maybe its time to do something about it. Just wallowing in self pity is swell and all, but it leads nowhere. Suicide is not the answer, change is. Thats how I personally feel about it anyway, and if I knew this chap I would have passed it on. Unfortuntaly he now leaves behind a very confused and upset family and has caused fear amongst the people around the shooting. So just what did he solve? Seems rather selfish to me.


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