Saturday, September 02, 2006

Alright so I lied

I'll post twice in one day, instead of tomorrow. ;)

Recently I played through the DS adventure game Trace Memory/Another Code. Let me just say this is THE first adventure game I've played on a handheld. Its definately not going to be my last either, because it was damn good. The touch screen was used greatly, in fact I never needed to touch the buttons or control pad. The puzzles ranged from simple to thinking outside the box. They all used fairly creative methods, such as pulling rocks using the touchpad or blowing into the microphone for other puzzles. I won't spoil anything, because it has to be played to understand how well it works. The story was faily straight forward, but enjoyable none-the-less. I would suggets all DS owners and fans of adventure games give it a try.

I also finally got around to playing Full Throttle. Boy, I don't know if I'm sorry I missed it when it was new or whether I'm thankful I got to play it nowadays with the shortage of adventure games :D Tim Schafer should really make animated films, because he is greatly talented. The game was faily easy and relatively short (well REALLY short) but it was great while is lasted. Memorable characters and an impressive visual style make this a must play. Lucasarts really hit a homerun.

Currently I'm making my rounds with Shadow Warrior and System Shock with a side order of Loom. I'll let you know how all three are once I'm done.


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