Sunday, September 03, 2006

Adventure Games & Alternate Realities

I know adventure games are still around. Lets not kid ourselves though, they aren't nearly as popular or as good as they used to be.

The Escapist has an atricle related to how they came to be popular and what exactly caused their demise. During the article they also mention that Ken Williams (sierra online) also wanted to buy out id software at one point.

Lets contemplate that one. Sierra Online buys id software with Commander Keen and Wolfenstein as their best sellers. At the time Sierra wasn't into highly violent games so they might not have created Doom as it was. It might have been the same engine, only used on something else - maybe even an adventure game or less-violent arcade. What would the game industry be without Doom? The FPS genre would be changed in unimaginable ways. What effect would THAT have on adventure games I wonder?

I mean think about it, without Doom then Quake wouldn't be made. Then 3D cards wouldn't be as pushed as they were. The 2D age would have stuck around much longer. I can't say it would be better or worse, because countless people have claimed Doom and id software in general as their biggest influence. Interesting to think about though isn't it?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well... do you REALLY think that Doom was such irreplacable part of gaming industry? Think again. The idea of FPS was well around by that time. And the engine itself isn't something, someone could never come up with (maybe with different results, but the impact would be the same)

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