Thursday, December 01, 2005

Spoke too soon

Well so much for that job offering. Apparently I won't be getting it. I was really hoping to finally have something to do all day, but I guess not. The hunt for a job continues. I swear if there really is a God, he must be a fisherman. He has that line but everytime I try to bite.....he pulls it away.

Well on the plus side I'lm going to start doing some 3D Studio Max tutorials. Nothing fancy yet, just some modelling and animation basics. When I have something worth showing I may start my own website to host them. I'll have quite a bit of free time until I manage to find a decent job, so at least I'll do something worthwhile with my time. My real problem will be trying to find a decent webhost for my animations. You get what you pay for, so that may be a bit of an issue. If anyone knows any decent hosts just leave a link in the comments for me.


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